No Croutons Required - Calling out for Vegetarian Soups and Salads

It's my turn to host No Croutons Required this month. Alternately hosted by my good friend Jacqueline of Tinned Tomatoes and Lisa's Kitchen, this event features vegetarian soups and salads.

It seems spring has finally arrived, so I expect we will be seeing more salads than soups, but those bloggers rolling into cooler temperatures will perhaps submit some soups.

It is easy to take part. Simply post a soup or salad on your blog. The few rules are only one submission per blogger and it must be vegetarian. Please link back to this announcement, Lisa's Kitchen and also Jacqueline's blog.

Then, add your recipe using the linky tool at the end of this post. Very much looking forward to all of the inspired creations this time around.

Creamy Chickpea, Mushroom and Brown Rice Casserole

Creamy Chickpea, Mushroom and Rice Casserole

My photo does not do this dish justice, but I assure you though that this casserole is not to be missed. For those of you who may have been raised on chicken pot pies, this creamy chickpea is very much like a vegan rendition of this comfort food classic, and it is really just as comforting to the contemporary vegetarian. It is easy to prepare, and with chickpeas, succulent mushrooms, brown rice and herbs, finished off with a cashew paste and some nutritional yeast, you have a complete and hearty meal with plenty of protein. I served it up with my classic Greek salad for a meal that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

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Ethiopian-Style Red Lentil and Okra in a Spicy Tomato Sauce

Ethiopian-Style Red Lentil with Okra in a Spicy Tomato Sauce

I haven't been posting much because I have been making recipes that have already been documented in this space. That said, I do have a recipe to present that has been sitting in my draft folder for quite a while. That's a shame, because it is a good one and not difficult to prepare either.

I'm especially fascinated with different cuisines and African food certainly stimulates the palate. This Ethiopian-style stew is spicy and tart yet mellowed out with the addition of silky okra, a vegetable I don't use as often as I should. High in nutrients and antioxidants, the taste is rather difficult to describe, but it does nicely fill out soups and stews and is often enjoyed breaded and fried.

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Cauliflower, Carrot and Green Pea Curry with Coconut Milk

Visit the Indian Food Glossary for information on the ingredients in this recipe
cauliflower curry

A few months back cauliflower was ridiculously expensive. It cost about 8 dollars for a head here in Ontario. Of course, most shoppers weren't buying it and as a consequence the price has now come down to a reasonable level. So why not try this simple but delightful Indian curry that includes fresh cauliflower and carrots with green peas, creamy coconut milk, vibrant spices, tangy tomato and lemon juice? It makes for a colorful and satisfying side to go along with your favorite Indian dishes.

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